Mechnozeal Autospa is a high end premium mobile steam wash unit catering specially to the European & US automobiles in Qatar. From Steam cleaning interior, exterior, leather cleaning, disinfecting & sanitizing to installing paint protection Kevlar Coating, we offer you an array of interesting luxury services.

In addition, we do undertake space disinfection and sanitization using the oldest known method of dry steam.

Our major goal is to completely satisfy our customers and to keep their vehicles and spaces clean, safe and reliable by offering friendly and an efficient steam service to all of our customers. When choosing Mechnozeal Autospa to keep your vehicle and belonging clean, it all comes down to a matter of quality Trust.

  • Ensuring all our contact points are always happy with the task
  • Building long-term relationships with one and all.
  • Ensuring task completion within the specified time frame at its best quality

Steam cleaning temperatures reach 120-140 degrees Celsius with humidity of only 5% released under 16 Bar pressure which has the ability to give deep clean and sterilization to all surfaces. We offer as well innovative products – thanks to FORTADOR our exclusive partner in Quality and Service.


Steam wash is step forward into environmental protection. Medium size passenger cars will require as little than 1 gallon of high pressure steam cleaning water which is a hundred time less water than conventional washes. Also high pressure washes are eco-friendly requiring no abrasive detergents that could affect delicate surface.


Our service is fast, mobile, convenient and we bring top quality service to You... Enjoy Your time at home and we will clean Your car! Don't waste Your time to clean Your car call us today.

  • High quality Steamer with a pressure of 16 bar and temperatures going between 120 140 degrees from Fortador
  • High quality and well formulated products from Fortador.
  • Kevlar coating one of the toughest and best paint protection available in the market.
  • Certified and carefully trained by experts in the field.
  • Mobility at its best

DISINFECTS: According to the provisions issued by Sanitary-Epide- miological Station the Fortador steam devices allow for the thermal disinfection, which neutralises waste, microorganisms and fungi at the operating temperature of 110°C.

PENETRATES DIRT: According to the provisions issued by Sanitary-Epidemiological Station the Fortador steam devices non-chemically penetrate dirt with a thickness not exceeding 75mm at the operating temperature and a working pressure of 16 Bars

ELIMINATES ODOURS: Steam emitted by the Fortador machines fe- atures odour neutralising properties what improves work comfort in the room cleaned by this method. These data are confirmed by the health protection system (

SAVES TIME: Cleaning by the unsaturated steam does not force the party ordering a service to exclude the production lines and pro- tect the surfaces against flooding. It saves time and financial efforts unavoidable in case of the water technology. Data confirmed by the technologists from the companies that use the services during perfor- mance of which the Fortador devices are applied, e.g. Ferrero Rocher, Coca Cola, Bosch, Egg Farm.

NO DIRT SPRAYING: The industrial lines, which produce food must fulfil the strict guidelines of the General Veterinary Inspectorate rela- ted to a method of cleaning and disinfection. The technology applied in the Fortador machines eliminates splashes during cleaning.

FRIENDLY TO ELECTRIC DEVICES: Unsaturated steam features a temperature of 120°C and a humidity not exceeding 5%. Working pressure of our machines gives a guarantee of no damage to the engines, electric machines or voltage systems. The steam allows for the precise degreasing, sterilisation of the surface without any risk of damage or to human health.

SAVES WATER: A constantly increasing price of m3 of the supplied water as well as restrictions resulting from using water for cleaning in the summer period financially displace an outdated technology of cleaning with the high-pressure water washers. The Fortador machi- nes reduce a water consumption up to 90% in comparison with the traditional water method. Steam cleaning does all this while using less than 1 gallon of water for a whole car (interior included).

MINIMISES WASTE: The steam technology chosen by You as the only one enables to no-waste mobile and stationary washing. We do not emit the water and chemical waste. We do not enter into a conflict with the Water Regulation and consequently we do not need to apply for the additional permits or certificates from the Communal office in your voivodeship. Regulation of the Ministry of Environment of 24th July 2006.

NO CHANGE IN HUMIDITY: Cleaning with unsaturated steam does not result in any humidity increase what is of importance in the places, where a steam condensation could case the quality issues.

NO CHEMICALS ARE NEEDED: The steam technology reduces a level of an emission of the chemical waste to zero. It not only enables to eliminate the costs of the chemicals, but first of all it does not cause any skin sensitizations, irritations and results in no damages of the cle- aned surface by a left chemical mass.

Scratch-proof Technique: Often with self car washing or with other professional methods like a tunnel car wash, there are chances of the brush or cloth (used in the process) leaving scratch marks or other blemishes on the surface. This risk gets eliminated with a steam car wash as there is no surface contact whatsoever. The steam used is in the gaseous state, and this gas will not leave scratch marks or so. After completing the wash, a mop or cloth is used to wipe off the surfaces gently.


Hard brushes and abrasive materials are not made use of in steam cleaning, which helps in keeping the car paint fresh and free from scratches. Chemicals and brushes are used in the normal cleaning process, which may damage your car’s paint and could eventually dull the finishing and appearance of your car. Steam cleaning requires no chemicals or brushes, so the car surface remains untouched, which means there are no chances of any scratches occurring, and at the same time your car is left shining bright and new.


The chief advantage of steam cleaning your car is that there are no harmful and harsh chemicals used. Harsh and harmful chemicals are not only hard on the dirt and grime but they are also hard on the environment too. Steam cleaning on the other hand is not harmful at all as it offers your car a great opportunity to stay close to nature and ‘Go Green’.


Sometimes when the harsh, harmful chemicals are not rubbed off properly, they leave the car windows streaky. In steam cleaning, windows are naturally cleaned with steam, so there is no question of windows being streaky. Steam cleaning makes the window clean, smooth and makes it appear as fresh as new. Moreover, steam cleaning removes wax, tar, and other compounds from chrome, moldings and bumpers.

  • All types of odors are eliminated with steam cleaning
  • Pet stains, smoking, mold and mildew everything can be removed
  • Fabrics are quickly deep cleaned and freshened up easily
  • Surfaces are almost dry as soon as the steam cleaning is done
  • Areas that are hard to reach like dashboards, vents, ashtrays, armrests and cup holders are easily cleaned in minutes.

Choosing steam cleaning for your car is indeed an excellent choice. High temperatures of steam cleaning actually kills and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Steam is air borne, hence the heat naturally kills any bacteria or viruses in the air. Steam cleaning leaves your vehicle smelling clean and fresh which is completely safe and healthy for your family. Steam car wash does not use detergents and thus, does not waste water. If you want your car to look fresh, smell natural and appear new, get in touch with our professionals at Detailed Solutions..