Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Complete Mobile Sanitation

Food truck commissaries and independent food truck operators need an inexpensive, yet efficient method to keep their fleet of food trucks clean inside out. Most facilities are looking for efficient cleaners that can sanitize the interior and detail the exterior of the entire fleet, without compromising quality of work. As health and fire regulations remain rigid, contract cleaners have found a new method to sanitize kitchens and food trucks while meeting health codes and wastewater regulations steam.

Vapor steam has emerged as the top sanitizing agent in the commercial cleaning industry as restaurants have been consulting steam based sanitizing operators to sanitize their kitchen.

Built-in Reliability

Greatly reduce facility downtime from cleaning and increase your production efficiency because steam requires very little to no preparation prior to cleaning or sanitizing. The Fortador Steamers is pressurized and heated to 352°F, making it ready to steam for all day use in as little as 6 minutes. Steam can easily get to the unreachable nooks and crannies, and tackle those harboruage areas without generating overspray or puddles of waste water.

Fortador’s dry vapor steam with gentle pressure can safely clean the most sensitive equipment components such as control panels, conveyor belts, HVAC coils and screens, walk-in coolers and freezers eliminate multiple steps of preparing, washing, soaping, rinsing, drying and cleaning up waste water. Less downtime means more production and increased efficiency.

An Eco-friendly Solution

The danger of foodborne pathogens possess the greatest health risk challenges for commercial restaurants and mobile food truck operations. With smaller preparation, cooking and cleaning area, food truck commissaries and independent food truck operators can greatly benefit from the compact effectiveness of vapor steam sanitation. The “superheated steam” produced by the Fortador Steamers sanitizes and eliminates hazardous foodborne bacteria. With no chemicals and no waste water run-off, dry vapor steam is the most efficient cleaning solution for mobile food facilities. Most pathogens are known to be eliminated at 160°F. The Fortador Steamers is able to produce constant hot dry steam ranging from 212~240°F at the nozzle tip, ensuring total sanitation of unwanted microorganisms. The Fortador Steamers is equipped with a moisture control valve that allows you to increase moisture level when necessary (e.g. cleaning heavy grease, icing, chocolate residues). Cleaning and sanitization of food processing equipments and machinery are more effective than pressure washers or other heavy duty chemicals.

The Fortador Steamers was recently put to the test against the most common dangerous pathogens.