CleanCUBE, the solar-powered trash compactor

CleanCUBE is a solar-powered trash compactor which can hold up to 5 times more waste compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency by up to 80%. It is compatible with standard 120L and 240L wheelie bins for easy and safe trash removal, and it also communicates information it collects in real time through wireless transmission to CleanCityNetworks, our cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform. CleanCUBE can be equipped with various optional features such as graphic wraps and a WiFi router.

CleanFLEX, the fill-level sensor

CleanFLEX is a wireless fill-level sensor that securely monitors a container’s fill-level and sends real-time data to CleanCityNetworks, our cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform. CleanFLEX can be easily attached to any type of container or tank to monitor any type of waste, including solids and liquids. Together with the cloud platform, CleanFLEX enables cities and waste management companies to increase their operational waste collection efficiency by up to 50%.

CleanCityNetworks, the waste analytics platform

CleanCityNetworks (CCN) is our waste management platform and the glue that binds all our solutions together. CCN provides the monitoring environment, smart dashboard, analytics, and control center in one comprehensive and simple package. Web-based and cloud-hosted, CCN is available anywhere you have a modern browser and an internet connection. It gives you total control and insight into your waste management operations and has proven cost-reduction benefits in all sectors of your operation.

CCNx, the fleet management platform for waste collectors

CCNx is the ultimate FM solution for any fleet size. As a fully integrated extension of CCN, CCNx is able to leverage the data and powerful analytics of your current waste management operation managed through CCN and turn your manually scheduled routes into fully optimized routes using machine learning algorithms. This means your operations will not only be instantly optimized, they will continue to get more efficient over time!