Steam Cleaner for sanitizing from COVID-19

Steam Cleaner for sanitizing from COVID-19

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has tremendously affected both local and international businesses, religious centers, recreational sports, and government activities.

Because of the upsurge in infection by the coronavirus pandemic, many countries would undoubtedly like to completely shut down their country until a lasting solution is provided. But of course, that's not possible. Moves like that will have a ripple effect on the small and medium businesses, stocks will collapse, market prices will fall, and eventually, the economy will crash, which is not suitable for any seating president. So other effective alternatives of maintaining highhygienic standards need to be explored while the economy continues to thrive.

As authorities continue to relax strict lockdown measures and as they expect a potential cure/vaccine, authorities are setting high disinfection and sterilization guidelines for public places like shops, malls, churches, warehouses, and others.

Among many measures for preventing the spread, such as wearing a face mask, regular washing of hands, and social distancing, the use of steam cleaning machines to disinfect surfaces happens to be a very effective solution for reducing the spread of contagion in public places without polluting the environment.

The uniqueness of steam cleaning is that it uses pressured Steam to clean surfaces without losing strength, almost as effective as using chemicals. The appropriate use of Steam can swiftly naturalize 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs, making it eco-friendly, natural, safe, and an effective way to clean public places.

How steam cleaning works

The steam cleaning machine comes with an enclosed tank that can heat water at very high temperatures (usually around 100-150°C) and high pressures so that when you spray the overheated vapor onto a surface, it impacts the surface to push out dirt, grease, and biofilms. It can also penetrate cracks and crevices that can't be reached with chemical sanitizers. Using Steam is a highly effective method of sterilization as it kills pathogen and deep clean surfaces.

The heat sprayed guarantees that the bond holding the microorganisms together is broken-down, while the low pressure from the machine allows the Steam to move into tight areas such as cracks, crevices, and inaccessible groutings.

Also, the heat from the vapor digests grease and grime, while the pressure penetrates surfaces without damaging their surfaces. That's why you should know the kind of coatings suitable for steam cleaning with the Fortador Pro S steam cleaner.

I am guessing you have seen pictures and videos of government workers in Personal protective equipment (PPE) going about the city with high-pressure sprays, all in the name of cleaning the streets.

To my greatest surprise, Spain went the extra mile by spraying bleach on the beaches, LOL.Honestly, such practices have little or no use in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Maybe the govt is doing it to score some points and win the trust of the people in these scary times.

Moreover, for a person to contract the disease, they'll need to reach close distance to the contagion for it to enter the body. According to reports by the CDC, this happens when contaminated hands from touching surfaces come to the mouth, nose, or eyes of which people do a lot.

Think about it, when the last did you touch the ground without washing your hands? A long time right? But a lot of us unconsciously touch surfaces in restaurants, chairs, door handles, and even toilets without sanitizing or wash our hands, which is a big problem.

Steam cleaning machine like the Fortador Pro S sprays Steam and sanitizing agents on frequently touched surfaces to decontaminate those arrears.

Steam cleaning application

Steam sanitizing solution is one of the most flexible and effective cleaning methods that can be applied in a variety of places. It can be used in outdoor or recreational a reasor indoors in homes and religious centers. In a healthcare facility, Steam cleaners can be used to clean patients' rooms, waiting rooms, wheelchairs and other patient equipment, and operating rooms.

Also, kitchen appliances, tables, restrooms, apartments, and lobbies in hotels can be sanitized with a steam cleaner. The below shows the steam cleaning application in the airports and supermarket;


  • Concessions areas
  • Servicecounters
  • Restrooms
  • Seatingareas
  • Luggage trolleys


  • Checkout counters and conveyor belts
  • Butcher-shop cutting tables and boards
  • Deli food-preparation and food-service areas
  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Restrooms
  • Trolleys and baskets
  • Department counters and display cases
  • Mirrorsand windows
  • Tables, desks, and chairs
  • Food-preparation and food-service areas
  • Sports equipment and exercise areas
Benefits of steam cleaning

If we look at the potential of what steam cleaning can do for the world at this awkward moment, we'd know that steam cleaning is both practical, eco-friendly, and along-lasting way of keeping surfaces and enclosed areas sanitized.

There are three main benefits of steam cleaning which are: Effectiveness,Convenience, and Sustainability.


Accordingto consumer reports, chemical disinfectants recommended by the CDC for sanitizing surfaces are in short supply. At the same time, this continues to persist, and people need to start embracing the sustainable alternative of steam cleaners to ensure they keep their environment safe. Steam is a very effective method for cleaning, especially in places with high hygienic standards because it deep cleans and in a fast manner.

While there has not been any specific research on the possibility that Steam can destroy the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, however, what we know is that the virus is sensitive to high-temperature exposure. And steam temperatures go above 120-150 (200-250F) degrees Celsius, meaning that Steam can yield excellent results if proper scientific research is conducted.

A report published by the UK department of health and social care suggests that the application of steam cleaning is not only found to remove dirt, but can eliminate some test microorganism, such as MRSA, Klebsiella, and Clostridium difficile spores and Acinetobacter.

Asides killing pathogens, steam cleaning is an effective way to use water resources efficiently. The most quantifiable benefit of steam cleaning is that it saves water wastage and surface deuteriation caused by other harsh chemicals.Moreover, when it comes to food and cooking items, Steam seems to be the most preferable for its greater compliance with any food hygiene requirements.

There is no limit to what steam cleaning can do. It can also be used in vehicle auto wash, which has seen a significant increase in adoption recently.


Typically, when you clean a surface, you'd have to wait a while for it to dry beforere opening the space. But with steam cleaners like the Fortador Pro S, superheats the water, which allows surfaces to wipe quickly after cleaning.That way, areas can be reopened faster than usual.

As we can see, many hospitals running out of space with the influx of people with infected with COVID19, areas need to be sanitized in the swiftest method possible. And for those that have recovered, the steam cleaning process will help make their bed spaces available as quickly as possible.


Steam cleaning is unique as it uses less water and less or fewer chemicals in disinfecting surfaces. Unlike a typical cleaning method that uses chemicals and a lot of water for washing, rinsing, and cleaning surfaces, steam cleaning can achieve all three with lesser energy. Since its an Eco-friendly method, it presents an all-round sustainable approach of deep cleaning surfaces.

Choosing the right steam cleaner with advanced features

When choosing the right steam cleaner, it is essential to pay close attention to the built-in features that might interest you. Many deep cleaners come with features like an oversized water tank to carry more water for long cleaning periods, while others are designed to be portable and easy to mobilize.

Whether you are looking for a steam cleaner for your sacred space, offices, hospital, or hotels, knowing these fundamental features are critical in choosing the best cleaner for you.

An integrated vacuum: while other steam cleaners might come in either steam only, steam and vacuum configuration, Steam cleaners like the Fortador Pro Plus come with three main compartments; steam + detergent injection + vacuum (SDV), making it more efficient with cleaning.

A constant fill tank: there are two types of fill tanks; stop and fill and continuous fill. The continuous fill type has an appendage water reservoir which can be refilled even if the machine is still in use. But the stop and fill require that you turn off the device before supplying more water to the tanks. Knowing the kind of environment will determine what type of fill tank you would be interested in. For instance, hospitals will prefer to buy the constant fill type because of the frequent cleaning going on daily.

Easy to remove dirt-water tank: dirt tanks are removed after cleaning is complete. The flexibility and easiness to remove this tank matter a lot for the operator to avoid stain, strain, or spill risks.

A complete range of accessories.

High-grade burner: So, whether you run a cleaning company, detailing studio, commercial management company, or Valet parking companies, it' important to know that there is a big difference in heating methods designed for homes and public places. The Fortador Pro S can be used in public places like shops, malls, churches, warehouses, and others.

The Fortador Pro S and Plus are powered by a powerful Lamborghini burner, which allows it to perform both steam and washing functions. It also can eject detergents for cleaning wheels or engines for commercial cleaning. The Steam released is at a pressure of 16 Bar or 232 PSI, meaning it can be used for both cash wash and vacuum cleaning.The compartment is made with resistant alloy to prevent corrosion.

Among the accessories, it comes with a touch screen monitoring system to auto-diagnose the machine. The screen shows alerts about maintenance, burner adjustments, and filter size. It also shows current fluids level (water, diesel, detergent),current pressure in the boiler, serial number, an hour meter, and much more.

Best practices for cleaning public places

Before you start, expel everything that shouldn't be Steam cleaned.

A steam cleaner is an evaporator, which implies it's hot. Make sure to hold just the handles, apparatuses, and different pieces of the machine that are unmistakably insulated from the heat. Be very careful.

Utilize the correct accessories for the surface. Steam cleaners accompany a wide assortment of accessories. For sterilization to occur, the Steam must come into direct contact with the surface before it disseminates. Utilizing the correct tools will guarantee sanitation.

Try not to rush the process. Indeed, even at a high temperature, the Steam needs time to circulate to reach the optimum working condition.

After you have finished cleaning, vacuum up the water. A little portion of water that contains little dirt will remain after Steam cleaning the place; you need to vacuum the area to remove it.

Add a chlorine or bleach tablet to the dirty-water tank.

Wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

Steam CleaningVs. Hot Water Cleaning

it is essential to know that steam cleaning can be applied in two primary ways; Dry steam cleaning and hot water cleaning. Hot water cleaning uses a hot water high-pressure washer to remove dirt from surfaces, while steam cleaning uses hot, dry Steam as the name implies. Both options are good, but for some reason, some features make them suited for different scenarios.

Hot water pressure washing fits perfectly to clean surfaces that have gathered a lot of soil particles. The pressure to loosen up the cloggy dirt before the leading cleaning and disinfection begins. Since the hot water isn't warm enough to sterilize, it can start the process of cleaning before a chemical or steam disinfectant is applied. That why the Fortador Pro S powered by Lamborghini burner fits this purpose before you can eject both Steam and sanitizing agents together without losing its strength.

On the flip side, dry, hot Steam can pass through soil, but not at the same strength of a pressure washer. But Steam has an advantage because its temperature is consistently higher than 100°C, which is most likely to eliminate contagions like when a chemical disinfect is used. Most public places like hotels and hospitals are gradually shifting to the use of steam cleaning, as Steam sanitizes the area without a build-up of dirt when compared to the hot water pressure washer.


According to reports, the novel coronavirus can be destroyed easily by the list of substances the CDC recommended. With steam cleaners, you are keeping the place clean and preserving the environment.

There is a different application of steam cleaners, which might sound very amusing. When next you are watching a movie on your big screen, and a villain or super hero decides to disappear in thin fogy smoke, just know that it was a steam cleaner that made that happen.