How to Protect your New Vehicle with Ceramic Car Coating

How to Protect your New Vehicle with Ceramic Car Coating

  • Things to Think About Around Delivery and the Dealer
  • Ceramic Coating as a Protective Solution
  • Fortador Kevlar Ceramic Car Coating
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You put a lot of thought and effort into selecting and buying your new car. Most new car owners take a lot of pride as they drive the new car off the dealer lot. The look, shine, luster and smell of a new car is second to none. Everyone wants to keep their car looking brand new for as long as possible and there are ways to preserve the exterior and interior condition of your newly minted car or truck. Fortador Kevlar - the best ceramic coating for cars is a great option that exceeds most people’s expectations.

Preserve the Pristine Factory Condition
Things to Think About Around Delivery and the Dealer

You have seen the new car haulers on the freeways that have the coverings and new car jackets on the vehicles. There are strong and valid reasons some car manufacturers take the time and expense to transport their new cars with such care. Road and environmental hazards can easily make their unwanted marks on the newly painted surfaces. New cars and new car owners deserve the best. You have the opportunity to preserve your car’s finish and provide a very effective level of protection with a ceramic coating.

Check with your dealer on the condition of his or her car wash. Many dealers offer a free car detailing and paint polishing upon delivery. If your dealer has a quality detailing department, and you are comfortable with that, let them deliver a newly-polished vehicle to you. If their attention to detail and wash is good, the paint should be close to being ready to receive a ceramic coating. This can be the best time.

In many other cases, the car was washed many times in parking lots while waiting for you, so you can ask the dealer to make a small paint polish to restore the original condition.

Some dealer car washes are not known for ultra-care. After all, they are most often free, so many dealers do not invest a lot of money in them. As tempting as it may be, you may want to decline that free wash as it may do more damage than good. Small scratches and swirl marks could potentially engrain themselves on your new car before you even drive it off the lot. Let us keep the factory new condition for you.

A fresh car from the factory is a prime candidate for a professionally installed ceramic coating. A car’s new paint condition and surface is prime and ideal for ceramic coating adherence. It will require minimal buffing and polishing. There is less risk that swirl marks or scratches have occurred. You can prep surfaces or ask your detailer to prep.

Road and Environmental Hazards

You have a lot to protect your car from. There are many conditions, situations and materials that cause a car’s finish to deteriorate.

  • UV rays – The more the sun shines on your car, the more the paint will oxidize and fade.
  • Dust and Dirt – They sit in the paint pores, ready to dull and scratch.
  • Bird droppings – Their acidic make up can damage the surface and surrounding areas.
  • Bug guts – They stick to the paint and are hard to remove.
  • Tree sap – This often requires a harsh chemical for removal.
  • Rain and acid rain – The sun can dry rain drops that create spot rings on the paint.
  • Road chemicals – The variety of chemicals used can cause a number of issues for a car’s surface.
  • Flying debris – Although no protection can protect against all stone and debris chips, you can give your car a chance.

All of these hazards can be eliminated or minimized with a ceramic car coating. When your car comes in contact with any of them, you will find it cleans off easier. This proactive approach lessens the impact of contaminants and preserves your factory new paint job.

Fortador Kevlar Ceramic Car Coating as a Protective Solution
Things to Consider

Some car owners choose to apply an off-the-shelf car wax to a new vehicle. This is popular, and can provide some level of protection. Advantages to this choice include a lower cost with an easily available product.

It requires you to take the time to strip the old wax, thoroughly wash and then polish the vehicle. Car waxes provide some shine, but no significant paint protection. It also does not stay on for extended periods of time. Many waxes stay on for up to two months. Off-the-shelf car wax is not beneficial nor efficient for you and your car.

A ceramic car coating is a long-term solution that can last up to two years and beyond. It gives your car a strong barrier of protection. The initial cost of application is a littler higher, but you get a much better layer of protection and peace of mind for your money. It’s worth spending the money to make sure your car keeps the brand new look and gets protection for as long as possible. Ride down the road with a lasting new car look and a high sense of confidence. Costs of Fortador Kevlar Car Coating is less than 1% of average vehicle costs.


You still will need to maintain your car or truck with regular washings. Your maintenance with a ceramic car coating will be easier and less frequent. A ceramic coating for cars is hydrophobic, meaning rain and other liquids will repel from the surface.

Your washing will be easier. Hand-washing with a basic detergent is recommended. There are situations where instead of hand washing, you will be able to simply rinse your car to keep it clean in any waterless car wash at a gas station for less than $5.

Resale Value

Have you ever bought a used car and wondered how the owner maintained the vehicle? If you have your car protected with a ceramic coating, there can potentially be fewer scratches, nicks, swirls and stone chips. The paint will be effectively preserved close to the condition as when you bought it.

This can increase the resale value of your vehicle. With Fortador Kevlar Coating, we will give you a documented receipt and certificate to show potential buyers the high-level care you have done for your car. Give potential buyers confidence and realize the full dollar value.

Fortador Kevlar Ceramic Car Coating
Exterior Protection of Car Paint

Fortador Kevlar is one of the best car protection coating options available. Kevlar is heat-resistant with a robust and heavy-duty finish. The high-quality formula is meant to give you years of successful paint and surface protection.

Our team developed a product that has the easiest application process and the most user friendly. It is impossible to do something wrong during the application process.

Interior Protection of Seats, Carpets and Plastics

The interior of a car can take a beating. It is just as important as the exterior. Protecting the interior of your new vehicle is also possible! Our comprehensive interior Fortador Kevlar formula extends to the seats, dashboard, counsel, and all interior areas.

As you and your passengers travel in your new car, things will get spilled. Loading cargo in your vehicle can dirty the seats and surrounding areas. Fortador Kevlar Interior Coating can be applied on to save your car interior from spills and dirt staining it. Contact us and talk about protecting your new car with all interior materials to prevent permanent stains and reducing time to clean your car. It will help preserve your new car look and feel for continued enjoyment.

Fortador Professional Installers Network

Our trained and experienced techs provide a complete and large range of car cleaning and protection services. With our protection, dirt and pollutants will not wreak havoc with your new car. You can feel confident with our team’s work and trust us that your car will come out flawless. We are dedicated to keeping all cars looking showroom new. You can choose the closest installer to you or make installation in a couple hours in your garage.